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Trinidad Lake Asphalt (TLA)

Product Name: Trinidad Lake Asphalt (TLA)

Origin: Naturally Occurring

Common Names: Dried Asphalt (DA), Trinidad Refined Asphalt (Epure)

Chemical Composition: A stable colloidal mix of bituminous compounds and mineral

Approximate Percentages of Components:

Bitumen Content 53 - 55%
Mineral Matter 35– 37.5%
Water of Hydration of Minerals 4.3%
Other Organic matter 3.2%

2. Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: Black or Dull Grey (Solid appearance)

Behaviour: Trinidad Lake Asphalt (TLA) is considered to be a thermoplastic material. At ambient temperatures, it is actually a semi-solid or can be classified as a gel-sol but appears solid at first glance. If left in the open, it will slowly change shape to suit area in which it is kept.


  Test Methods Values
Penetration (25 oC) ASTM D5 0 - 5
Specific Gravity ASTM D70 1.3 – 1.5g/cm3
Softening Point (RB) ASTM D36 89 - 99oC

Chemical Data: Bitumen content comprises mainly:

  • Saturated polycyclic compounds containing oxygen, sulphur
    and clay minerals of general chemical formula – CnH2n+2.
  • Polar Aromatic and napthenic compounds of general
    chemical formula - CnH2n– 2. Also contained are aromatic
    compounds of formula CnH2n and aliphatic compounds.

Mineral matter comprises – Silica, Alumina, Ferric Oxide and other
trace compounds.

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Trinidad Lake Asphalt (TLA)