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Frequently Asked Questions

Trinidad Lake Asphalt (TLA)

A Modifier/ Enhancer of Unparalleled Performance

Q.What is TLA?

Q.Where in the world are other natural deposits to be found?

Q. Why is Trinidad’s natural asphalt the only commercially viable one?

Q. Where can TLA be found?

Q. Is the pitch lake inexhaustible?

Q. What is the coverage of the pitch lake?

Q. What is the current volume of natural asphalt in the pitch lake?

Q. Explain the nature of TLA in terms of its:

  • Crude composition
  • Refined composition

Q. What is the meaning of ‘penetration’ as applied to the asphalt paving industry?

Q. How can TLA conform to a single standard yet deliver a range of penetrations?

Q. How is TLA processed?

Q. Who are TLA’s current customers?

Q. What are the virtues of TLA?

Q. Where has TLA been used in the Trinidad and Tobago?

Q. Where has TLA been used in the Caribbean?

Q. How would pellets assist in the growth and marketability of TLA locally and regionally?